What matters to you, matters to us.


When seeking the assurance of a home security system, the first step to feeling secure is at your front door, with a qualified security consultant. Our representatives are ready to help you customize a system that is ideal for your home and business.

Our mission, to be the leader in customer-focused security, aligns perfectly with your need to shield your home and loved ones. Each representative understands your needs and how to successfully design a system that will protect your home.


A highly trained and licensed technician will be scheduled to install your system. Your technician is one of your greatest assets, as he can answer any questions you may have about the use of your new security system. He will show you all the basic functions and how to customize your passcode.

He is there to facilitate the start of your new, protected life. Our Customer Service and Quality Assurance are also there to help you get started and answer any questions about your system.


At AMP we pride ourselves in the quality of our customer service and technical support. After we have customized and installed your system, we continue to provide outstanding customer care with 24/7 monitoring for absolute peace of mind.

placeholderWe’ve raised the bar on the industry’s highest standards. We ensure your security system is installed, maintained, and serviced by the industry’s best.