24/7 Monitoring

Ready, Set, Go!

Our top-of-the-line security systems include a 24/7 monitoring service and will dispatch the right authorities when you need them most. There are several monitoring packages to choose from.

Below are the different monitoring packages and the available add-ons. Availability may vary depending on your location, phone and/or internet service provider.

placeholderOur 24 hour monitoring protection is there when you need it most.

2-Way Voice Monitoring.

2-way voice monitoring enables our trained operators to speak over an integrated intercom on your security system. This enables them to listen for dogs barking, voices, or anything suspicious. This system is also ideal for medical emergencies as the operator can assist with getting the authorities dispatched and proper family members notified


Cellular Monitoring.

Cellular monitoring enables your system to communicate to Central Monitoring wirelessly. Perfect for families that don’t have a traditional phone line. It also prevents burglars from disabling your system by tampering with phone lines.


ADD+ 2-Way Voice over Cellular.

Equipping your cellular security system with two-way voice intercom capability gives you the safety of an on-call operator 24 hours a day.


ADD+ Total Connect.

Total Connect makes it possible to control your system remotely with your smartphone or laptop. Total Connect comes with a free app through your mobile app store. It also enables your system to communicate to you. Get a text message when the babysitter shows up or when your children get home.


ADD+ Total Connect with iP Video.

Get all the benefits of Total Connect with Honeywell’s advanced encrypted iP Video cameras allowing you to not only to control your system remotely but view your home through your smartphone or laptop. Check in on the babysitter, kids, or pets. Get a snapshot of any intruder on your premises.